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Pro-Choc™ Software

Version 5 & Version 6 Available


Simple and easy to use, Pro-Choc ™ is ideally suited for artisans, craftsmen and food industry professionals working with chocolate and quality conscious of their production.

"The use of PRO-CHOC software has radically changed my method of manufacturing ganaches. It allowed me to balance my recipes without changing the texture and to bring a freshness period for some up to more than a month of extra longevity. This software is the indispensable tool of the Chocolatier, just like the thermometer for the confectioner. You brought us with this great tool, the strength of industrial research laboratories. Thank you for those years of work that you had to do to achieve this great gem. "


-Bernard BESSE, The Comptoir du Chocolat,

Sarl Borzeix Besse - TREIGNAC



"Jean-Pierre RICHARD is one of the professionals who know that instinct in our business is nothing without a thorough knowledge of technology and raw materials. PRO-CHOC software is a powerful and effective tool to solve our shelf life and texture problems. I like to confirm my approach to taste by a precise description of the material and its action of life in time. For this, the software is particularly suitable. "


-Olivier BAJARD, Best French Pastry Chef,

Director of the International School of Pastry




"I have the software for two years, it is an indispensable tool for the development of the company on the technological level. It allows to define a recipe to the fair through the optimization steps. The software makes it possible to make a larger range of products with different shelf life, while keeping the quality. "


-Nicolas MANZONI, Chocolatie




"Ever since we purchased this '' jewel '', our ganaches are really perfected and perfect. Our shelf life concerns flew away miraculously. It's really an investment we will never regret."


-Michel LABAT, Chocolatier, Pastry Chef




"I have been using PRO-CHOC software since 2004. This easy-to-use software is probably the best work tool I have in my lab. In the United States and Canada, we ship our chocolate bonbons across the country. Since I rebalanced all our ganaches with PRO-CHOC, we have gained stability, shelf life, texture and significantly improved tastes. Today, it is unthinkable to neglect technology and understanding of ingredients, as well as their influence on shelf life. The ability of the software to “decompose the ganache” in percentage and calculate fat, sweetness index and shelf life in relation to the water activity in seconds, is just great! "


-Julian ROSE, Master Chocolatier, Pastry chef and Consultant

Director of Research and Development Moonstruck Chocolate, USA



"I've been using PRO-CHOC since February 99. It allowed me to review all my recipes and create new ones. I don’t have any shelf life issues or problems anymore. Mr. RICHARD's internships taught me to know the products better. The return investment of the software is very fast. "


-Jean CHATELLIER, Baker, Pastry Chef, Chocolatier, THE BAULE


"I had different versions of PRO-CHOC software for many years. As a consultant, it is a valuable tool for my various interventions in the field of chocolate. PRO-CHOC allows me to obtain high quality ganaches by optimizing their shelf life.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre RICHARD for his help in our job. It allowed us to take a big step in the world of chocolate. A huge step never reached before. "


-Philippe PARC, Consultant, Quality Manager, Luxury chocolate. CLUIZEL



"PRO-CHOC is an important technological advance for Chocolatiers. It is an indispensable tool and in addition, with a remarkable ease of use. I was able to rebalance my recipes and jump from 4 weeks to 6 weeks of shelf life for my products with a very little recipe change, even just a few grams difference to move in the right direction. Speed ​​and simplicity, for the French 35 hour/week, it's not negligible!


-Daniel SAUTREUIL, Pastry Chef, Chocolatier, FLERS OF THE ORNE



"After 15 years of using the PRO-CHOC software, it is difficult not to praise the benefits of this tool, as important as an enrober in the lab ... PRO-CHOC allows us to stabilize our ganache interiors and gain time developing new recipes! At a glance we know the cost of products per unit or weight ... In addition, we remain masters of taste and texture."


-Régis BOUET, Head of Research and Development Chocolate WEISS. SAINT ETIENNE



"PRO-CHOC makes my job a lot easier and gain time. It allows me a much more structured development of my recipes. It is easy to implement and fast performing during urgent work and helps to stay creative. Richard Conseil is not only a software program, because when I need it, I also have a technical support that is not negligible and underestimated."


-Olivier NICOD Chocolatier, LONDON

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