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Pro-Choc Software

Pro-Choc™ Software

Version 6

Version 6 of Pro-Choc™ Software is the latest web-based version, so you can access your recipes and ingredients from your computer, tablet, or smart phone while on the go. Version 6 will get continuous updates throughout the year.

Online Subscription


  • 1 Year or 2 Year options
  • Log in from anywhere with Internet access
  • Continuous updates included
  • Cloud version of the software
  • PC & Mac Compatible

Designed for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, bakers and industrial labs, Pro-Choc™ is so far the only software for developing and creating recipe that reliably indicates minimum days for the shelf life of your products.


The benefit are many:


• Time saving to help avoids testing recipes in the lab.

• Perfect calibration and balanced formulas.

• Raw materials saving that replaces the waste inherent in conventional methods.

• Control risk of bacterial development

• Access to information and components of raw material

• Record keeping and revenue tracking


Simple and easy to use, Pro-Choc™ is ideally suited for artisans, craftsmen and food industry professionals working with chocolate and quality conscious of their production.


This software is based on the analysis of water activity (RH or AW)


The control and mastery of the system (whose data comes from years of experience) preserves the texture, taste and shelf life by eradicating the risks of chemical, enzymatic or micro-organic degradation.

For years, many professionals around the world have appreciated the services rendered and the time gained during its use.

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