Chocolate consulting, education, & resources

Julian Rose Consulting Services

In 2007, Julian Rose turns to corporate assistance and on site consulting to focus on chocolate for international customers.

• New recipe development

• New product concept

• Shelf life optimization

• Professional training

• Chocolate Training/education


• Small and large scale production

• Artisan and industrial consulting

• Culinary pairings

• Conference & seminar presenter

• & more...

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Pro-Choc™ Software Solution

Simple and easy to use, Pro-Choc™ is ideally suited for artisans, craftsmen and food industry professionals working with chocolate and quality conscious of their production.

• Time saving to help avoids testing recipes in the lab.

• Perfect calibration and balanced formulas.

• Raw materials saving that replaces the waste inherent in        conventional methods.

• Control risk of bacterial development

• Access to information and components of raw material

• Record keeping and revenue tracking


Pro-Choc™ Software

Versions 5 and 6 are available for purchase via the Online store. Click to read more, ask questions, or make a purchase.


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