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Pro-Choc™ Software

Version 5 & Version 6 Available


Simple and easy to use, Pro-Choc ™ is ideally suited for artisans, craftsmen and food industry professionals working with chocolate and quality conscious of their production.

You talk about Pro-Choc ™ concept, how is this software a concept?


Pro-Choc is developed on the principle of water activity (HRE or AW) and the resulting consequences on the shelf life of products. It is the interaction of the raw materials between them that largely influence this result. The contribution of Pro-Choc lies in the refinement of these parameters during manufacturing. The latest versions 5 and 6 have refined the calculations and accuracy of these elements.


Will I have to change my manufacturing technique to follow the concept?


Absolutely not. Pro-Choc adapts to all manufacturing techniques. Certainly, we recommend the low temperature method, but you do not need to modify your personal methods to obtain convincing results.


Why multiple versions of Pro-Choc ™? What are the differences with previous versions?


Since 1997, the date of the creation of Pro-Choc software, it has continued to evolve and improve. The full Pro-Choc ™ 5 version is still the only system sold today on installation CD disc and for the Windows® system. Since then, version 6 has been developed to be accessible on the Web, regardless of any operating system since it can be used through a simple web browser. This is a major evolution not only in the principle of marketing and operation, but also because of all new features has emerged.


Is Pro-Choc available in multiple languages?


Pro-Choc works in two languages ​​at the choice of the user, in French or in English. The choice is included in the setup of the software installation for version 5 and in the header of the site for version 6.


Can I install Pro-Choc on a Mac computer?


Pro-Choc was originally developed for a Windows environment However; there are applications to emulate Windows on your Mac if you have a pro-choc version. 5. Check with your local dealer. The Pro-Choc 6 version, on the other hand, works on all Windows, Mac or Linux systems, which is the interest and value of a Web application.


Can I install Pro-Choc software myself without being an IT specialist?


Of course. The installation procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes.


Is training required to use Pro-Choc?


The implementation of Pro-Choc is very simple and very easy. An online help accompanies you and the user manual in PDF is integrated into the software (version 5 and 6). The screens include contextual aids to guide or educate you. It is however preferable to follow a training, not to use the software, but to better control the use and the combination of the raw ingredients between them. With a perfect combination of raw ingredients, one gets a better result in the balancing of recipes. Although completely open to all manufacturing methods, it is the Pro-Choc concept that gives this software its value.



I would like to buy the software, I'm not sure it will fit my needs. What should I do?


With the purchase of the software version 5, we offer you the opportunity to test the software for 7 days with confidence. If you should notice that it does not correspond to your needs, you just have to return it (cd + dongle) in good condition, by registered mail (with certified mail preferably) before the expiry of these 7 days, to be fully refunded (excluding any bank charges, depending on the case). You will have the ability to concretely test all its advantages and discover the usefulness that you can draw. For version 6 which is online at, you have a free trial offer before subscription. But beware, version 6 and 5 are very different in form and in some features. There is for example a dashboard in version 6 that you will not find on version 5.



The results announced on the duration of freshness are quite wide; can it not be more precise?


The shelf life range indicated by Pro-Choc is an indication that takes into account the storage temperature. This is minimum shelfl life provided. The freshness period can theoretically be greater than that indicated, but without any guarantee.



Can I use this software on multiple computers?


Pro-Choc 5 can be installed on several computers, but the license is individual. This means that you will need to use the dongle to access the software data regardless of the computer where the software is installed. You can use it at home or in the lab without having to reinstall the system, but the two stations will not work at the same time.


Can I add suppliers to the existing list?


The main suppliers of the profession are present in the software, but you can at any time enter the references that are specific to you if they are not already in the installed base.


How to create MP (raw materials)?


The V5i version (full) contains 934 raw material ready to use. Of course, you can add new raw materials as long as you ask for the technical data sheets from the suppliers. They are in principle easy to obtain, but necessary for the quality of the results. Entering information is very simple: you must enter the percentage of water, fat, sugar, and cocoa for chocolate. The program does the rest ...



Pro-Choc ™ indicates a cost of the recipe, what is it based on?


The software calculates the material cost of the recipe according to the information provided on the raw materials. It is not a cost price, but this information can allow you to calculate this one more finely.


What currencies can I use?


All currencies are accepted. Pro-Choc uses the default Euro.

But the choice of currency is to be made in the setting.

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